Rodeo River Ranch

The Rodeo River Ranch brand is a no-frills ranching dedicated to producing livestock that work for our customers. Our ranch is small in design to work with livestock everyday, not† like the large ranches where livestock may not see a human for months. Our family is proud of our long tradition with large and small ranches in the State of Texas, with Bush Farmís Est. 1889 and† Rock Bottom Ranches. My children are the fifth generation on both sides of the family to take part in the family ranch.


Our operation is based in Crosby, Texas. The main emphasis of our program is based on cattle, but we always have quality horse for sale. We have a small breeding program with our horses which allows us to focus on each animal.† Our Horses have color, conformation, athletic ability, natural cow sense with Foundation bloodlines.† The horses are used for work around the ranch and when time permits, a few rodeos.


Our family has great pride in the horses and cattle that have been raised at Rodeo River Ranch.


Our Horse Bloodlines include King, Leo, Pudden Head, Little Joe, Blue Valentine, Joe Hancock, Two Eyed Jack, Eddie Red Rose, Zan Parr Bar, Easy Jet, Top Bracket, Rip Rip, Doc Bar, Suger Bars, Goldseeker Bar, and Impressive

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